Tel: +61 3 8676 5104

Tel: +61 3 8676 5104

John Ostermeyer

Senior Associate


John's practice focuses on two main areas: commercial litigation and family law.

John began his career as a dedicated a commercial litigator, and was involved in a number of precedent-setting commercial and corporation cases in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

To complement his litigation chops, John has also developed a successful family law practice, which combines his commercial background and his interpersonal skills into a formidable package.

John’s unique combination of commercial savvy and family law insight has resulted in a burgeoning practice with a satisfied client base – especially in family matters involving complex financial structures.

Prior to practising law, John owned and operated his own businesses in the construction and hospitality industries.  This experience in the real commercial world provides his clients with the strategic insight that many opponents (who have only ever been lawyers) don’t have.

John holds a degree in Law from LaTrobe University, an Arts degree (with Honors) and a Master of Arts from Monash University.  


Key areas of practice:

Bankruptcy and insolvency

Commercial litigation

Commercial law

Corporations and securities

Family law

Private clients